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Graduated clear vomit and urinal disposal bag with hand protection  
Super absorbent pads , 600 ml capacity  Bulk
Vomit Bag with Zorbi sachet, by MedPro  
Vomit Bag, by MedPro  
Zorbi – Hanging Cylindrical Scale  Calibrated for vomit and urinal bags
Zorbi Isolation Kit - 1 x 764-210 and 6 boxes of 764-104  
Zorbi Standing urinal bag support  
Zorbi Super absorbent sachets  Bulk
Zorbi Urinal Kit - 20 x 764-200 and 10 boxes of 764-117  
Zorbi Urinal Kit - 20 x 764-202 and 10 boxes of 764-117  

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