Impervious Polyethylene gowns - Standard Gown
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Impervious Polyethylene gowns - Standard Gown

half-back, waist ties, thumb loops, blue, Universal size

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Packed: 1 / bag, 50 bags / case

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Polyethylene gowns

Impervious Fluid Protection.

The gowns are an apron-style, over the head, with waist ties and thumb loop wrists and a half-back.

Gown features
As cost-effective protection, polyethylene gowns are generally used in short procedures or for short amounts of time. Their half-back design allows more breathability.

Note: These gowns are constructed of a fabric that offers impervious fluid protection, yet due to the style of the gown (half back) and identification requirements, do not meet the AAMI PB70 Standard.


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